Kigeni is a Financial Advisory Firm specializing in infrastructure funding and related activities in Africa. Our primary focus is to develop infrastructure projects from inception to completion providing strategic funding advice, financing, project management and treasury services. We have tailored our approach to specifically address the unique infrastructure funding challenges inherent in the African economic reality, with a specific focus on solutions to risks and constraints relating to early stage infrastructure funding.

Since 1996 Kigeni has:

  • Provided strategic as well as general corporate finance and merger and acquisition advice
  • Managed projects from inception to completion
  • Invested our own capital
  • Founded Kigeni Energy, the largest developer of embedded renewable energy projects in Southern Africa
  • Founded the Energy Exchange of South Africa, a Southern African Power Exchange

Our specific emphasis on early stage infrastructure development funding allows Kigeni to:

  • Undertake / project manage both pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Raise capital required for feasibility studies (often in the form of matching grants)
  • Design optimal financing structures for the projects
  • Raise all requisite capital
  • Advise governments or concession holders on items ranging from management of tender processes to capital restructuring
  • Advise clients on financial risk management related to projects or currency exposures